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Bartlesville Police Reserve names 2017 Officer of the Year

Officer Jefferson

The Bartlesville Police Reserve announces the 2017 Reserve Officer of the Year after their November general meeting.

We would like to show our appreciation to Reserve Officer Jerry Jefferson as he was selected by his peers to receive this honor.

A banquet was held on January 6, 2018 at the Bartlesville Communtiy Center, with social hour beginning at 1800 and the banquet beginning at 1900.

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bpr 6 point badge

These badges were worn by the Bartlesville Police Reserve officers throughout the years of the organizations exsistance.

The Washington County Auxillary Police badge (pictured left) was worn at the very start of the organization, that was started under the Civil Defense group.

The six point star (pictured middle) was worn starting in the mid 70's when the Aux police was taken over by the Bartlesville Police Department.

The Bartlesville Police Reserve, as it called now, wore the Centenial badge (pictured right) during the year of the City of Bartlesvilles Centenial celebration.

Reserve Poster

Our 2017 Bartlesville Police Reserve unit photo taken at the December General Meeting.

Back row: left Capt. J. Kelley, Officer K. Zink, Officer R. Wright, Officer R. Raley, Lt. J. Drehman
Front row: left Officer J. Thompson, Lt. K. Lunsford, Sgt. J. Jefferson,
Not Pictured: Officer J. Etter

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