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BPE Announces Explorer of the Year

Officer Alexander

The Bartlesville Police Explorers announces the 2016 Police Explorer of the Year after their December general meeting.

We would like to show our appreciation to Explorer Dakota Clifford as he was selected by his peers to receive this honor.

A reserve officer of the year banquet was held on January 7, 2017 at the Bartlesville Communtiy Center, with social hour beginning at 1800 and the banquet beginning at 1900, where Explorer Clifford was recognized for his service.

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The Bartlesville Police Explorers are a santioned post under the guidance and rules of the Boy Scouts of America, Cherokee Area Council of Bartlesville. We are a co-ed post, meaning that both both males and females can join in our activities. Being a specialized post in the Law Enforcment sector, we are pleased to be able to open our doors up to all the youth in the Bartlersville area.
To join the explorer post can only be seen as a eye opening experience for most youth. These youth that join our distigushed group, do so with the understanding that they may be in a area that particulars are heard and never repeated. It is a great responsiblity to be a Bartlesville Police Explorer.

Our 2015 Bartlesville Police Reserve unit photo taken at the December General Meeting.

Back row: left Sgt. L Guatney, Officer R. Raley, Officer H. Alexander, Lt. J. Drehman, Officer J. Weygand
Middle row: left Officer D. Miller, Officer S. Burton, Officer J. Etter, Lt. N. Holmes
Front row: left Lt. K. Lunsford, Captain, J. Kelley, Officer J. Thompson
Not Pictured: Officer M. Stokes, Officer J. Taylor, Officer J. Thorne and Officer Robert Moss