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Bartlesville Police Reserve

About BPR

The Bartlesville Police Reserve is a organization that assists the Bartlesville Police Department. We provide additional coverage to help offset any shortages the department may have during the day. We assist with patrol duties, transportation of patients to treatment facilities, working special events that are held within the city and many numerous other activities.

Our Group

We are a group of citizens that volunteer our personal time to help the Police Department, the City of Bartlesville and the citizens of Bartlesville. Our group is comprised of business owners, laborers, IT professions, administrative professionals and general citizens.

Our Training

  • Our group is CLEET certified reserve officers, commissioned through the City of Bartlesville. We have received our CLEET training at accredited academies that were conducted either here in the city or conducted by others agencies. Our officers have completed other trainings as mandated by FEMA, consisting of the ICS classes that are required for certain federal funding for our city. We have received firearms training as a portion of the CLEET training, and are required to maintain qualified status through the guidelines outlined in the General Orders of the Reserve Unit and the Police Department.
  • Our group also receives furthering education and training in other areas. We have been certified in LEDT (Law Enforcement Drivers' Training), SFST (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing), Doppler Radar, Rifle Operator Certified and others. We, the reserve unit, are required 8 hours post academy training,  our group requires additional training to help maintain status of active reserves. We hold regular scheduled meetings which include some form of training.