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Bartlesville Police Reserve Event Calendar (public)

This is a public calendar provided for the public to view which events the Bartlesville Police Reserves are working during the upcoming months ahead. If you are requesting a event that would require the use of the Bartlesville Police Reserve Unit, please look over the calendar for the dates that your event will be held to verify that we are not busy assisting other agencies, event holders or citizens of our great community. Thank you.

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  • If you are looking to hold an event with the city of Bartlesville and need the assistance of the Police Reserve for security, traffic control, specialized event or 5K or 10K run you will need to request assistance by completing and returning the below form.
  • Event Authorization Form
  • The City of Bartlesville also has a Request for Specal Events Permit that may need to be completed. You can obtain the City form below at the provided link.
  • City Special Event Permit