Lt Bars Kim Lunsford Lt Bars

Current Position
Financial Officer

Positions Held

Date Joined

K Lunsford
Special Awards
Officer of Year Pin
Reserve Officer of the Year 2015
Reserve Officer of the Year 2005
Joplin Tonado
Joplin Tornado Service Pin
Length of Service
20 Year Pin
20 Year Pin


Kim's trading Cards

BPR 4th of July 00 C.jpg (48557 bytes) Kim Lunsford 051900.jpg (13174 bytes)
Kim wondering what she has gotten into waiting for the 2000 4th of July Event to kick off.

Ready to learn what it is all about. BHS Football game.

Lunsford Kim 092600 01.jpg (16127 bytes) taylor lunsford 01.JPG (33915 bytes)
Isn't Academy fun? Kim and fellow Officer Jackie
Bike Article 20030131 A.jpg (102732 bytes) Kim wBike 040503.jpg (144357 bytes)
Newspaper article about the Reserve Bike Unit. Kim is the officer on the left. Bike Officer Kim ready to assist with the Red Cross 5K run, April 5, 2003
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