Jerry Thompson Page
Jerry Thompson

Current Position
FTO Officer

Positions Held
Officer of the Year 1998
Sgt., Lt.
Application Processor

Date Joined
March 19, 1996

J Thompson
Special Awards
Reserve Officer of the Year 2016
Reserve Officer of the Year 1998
Length of Service
20 Year Pin
20 Year Pin


Jerry Thompson 51000.jpg (96233 bytes) Jerry Thompson 051500.jpg (14501 bytes) Memorial 051500.jpg (32184 bytes) Paris Thompson Gardella 050500.jpg (21561 bytes)
Reserve Officer Jerry Thompson caught in the act of working his "other" job. Memorial Day
May 15, 2000
Memorial Day Color Guard
May 15, 2000
Reserve Bob Paris and Reserve Jerry Thompson discussing items of great importance in the PD Parking lot with Charlie Shift Sgt. Steve Gardella
Jthompson SOT 040600.jpg (26789 bytes) Thompson Jerry SOT 05112003.jpg (39372 bytes)
S.O.T callout, April 6, 2000 S.O.T. Callout, May 11, 2003
wpe2.jpg (11278 bytes)
Left: Officer Carey Duniphin (Entry Team) Center:Officer Brian Brewington (Marksman) Right: Reserve Officer Jerry Thompson (Entry Team)
A white male armed with AK47 Assault Rifle fires 9 rounds at ex-girlfriend and her parents. Then barricades himself inside a neighboring residence with a 16 yr old female. After negotiations broke down, CS and CN gas was shot into the residence and both occupants gave themselves up to SOT Team members.
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